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Sybil Belgium
Dear Kus, Mey and Family A thousand thank you for the time we have spent your house, we Will never forget our visit in Cianjur. thank you for your kindness, your welcoming, you explanations and the activities we did together. we have loved learning to know you, your Habits and your culture. see you next time here or in Belgium!! Hatur Nuhun! Alexia and Sybil Belgium 26-06-2024
Alexia and sybil
Cher Kus, Mey et Famille Mille mercis pour le temps que nous avons passé chez vous, nous n'oublierons jamais notre visite à Cianjur. merci pour votre gentillesse, votre accueil, vos explications et les activités que nous avons faites ensemble. nous avons adoré apprendre à vous connaître, vos habitudes et votre culture. à une prochaine fois ici ou en Belgique !! Hatur Nuhun ! Alexia et Sybil Belgium 12-06-2024
Alina Germany
lieber Kus and family Danke fur die einzigartigen erfahrungen, die wir hier erleben durften!! wir haben uns wirklian autgeranmen gefuhit wurden uns trevel, nachmal wederzukommen. den austing zuden megalithen und dem wasserfall werden wir ne vergessen. Mey und Fuji waren beide unglausliah nett zu uns und haben das adventure zu etnos besorderem gemant! wir wunschen euch alles gute fur die zukunft und danken euch far alles Alina and Lara
Alina and Lara Germany
Dear Kus and family! Thank you for the unique experiences we had here!! We really felt very welcome and would be happy to come back again. We will never forget the trip to the Megalith of Gunung Padang, Remote Village and the beaches of Pangandaran and the waterfall. Mey and Fuji were incredible nice to us and made the adventure to something special! We wish you all the best for the future and thank you for everything. Regards Alina and Lara Germany 14-05-2024
Sonja and Eva Germany
Dear Kus, Mey and Rambo Chevy! Many many thanks for the wonderful tours showing the beautiful landscape. We loved the time with you and the team! Nice to meet you, we never forget the time with you! All the best to the kids in the village, especially for "Bocock" thanks for the wonderful time we spend together! Love, Sonja and Eva from Germany 19-04-2024
Lahoucine Marocco
Dear Kus, Thanks for your hospitality in your homestay and thanks for trips to Remote Village, thanks for villages people, thanks for every one in this homestay. I just can say I am lucky to stay here. I Will come back again for sure!!!Terima Kasih regards Lahoucine Marocco 14-04-2024
Jonas France
Beaucoup plus propre et confortable qu’un hôtel a 100€ a Jakarta, logé chez l’habitant fut une découverte pour moi a 20ans, et j’ai passé mes meilleur moment a Cianjur grâce a Bule Homestay Cianjur! Le personnel et réellement sympathique et vous mets alaise directement, en plus de sa j’ai eu l’occasion de faire une multitude d’activités a Cianjur grâce a Kus le propriétaire et a son équipe. Jonas 01-03-2024
Stephen Canada
It's both funny and interesting how you imagine your travels to go and how they actually play out. I came to Cianjur to see the historical Mysterious Site, that was the plan, my destination. What i got on the top of seeing this was meeting a wonderful host with a beautiful family. His shared information about his city and country was more than I could every gather reading all the sites on the internet. Kus was patient, kind, helpful and always happy. Thank you very much for everything, but mostly for the wonderful memories you have me. Having some pictures of old rocks is one thing. I am leaving Cianjur and this special Homestay with so much more. All my best to you and your family. Maybe our paths, at some point, meet up again. Kindregards Stephen from Quebec, Canada, teacher in China 6-02-2024
Marieke and Rob
Thank you for your hospitality in your Homestay the tour in the ricefields was very interesting, also the nursery of the rice and we learn about the Pandan Wangi rice, it is originaly from Cianjur and we slept well. It was a good experience. And don't forget the massage, it was good. And the tour to the catfish was interesting too, so it was a lot in 20 hours thank so much! Regards Marieke and Rob The Netherland 4-02-2024
Thales Brasil
Obrigado por têlo, Meu amigo! The experience of being here was unique and wonderful. I learned a lot with you and your family. What you do for your community is very beautiful, it provides growth and learning for everyone, the Indonesian people and to the tourism too, and this is wonderful. I hope to return to see your son again and your family too. You are a big man, thank you my teacher, it big hug to you and your family!! Thank you Cianjur, Thank you Markus and Family, Thank you Gunung Padang. Thales Barcellos Cardoso. Tapareireta BRASIL. 15-01-2024
Luc the Netherland
Hey Kus, Thank you for the time at your Homestay. I enjoyed it a lot! The walk through the ricefields, the food and all the advice was great. Yesterday you Made my day amazing with the tour through GUNUNG PADANG and surronding area, the train tunnel and the waterfall. I think you are doing a great thing here and I Will 100% recommend you to friends and other people I meet along the way. Thank you Luc 2-1-2024 the Netherland
Adi and Martina Germany
We really enjoyed staying at your place. For Us it felt like home, far away from home. You treated Us like being part of your family. The hospitality was simply extraordinary, the food excellent and our trip to Mount Gede was a wonderful experience. Insha-Allah we will come back and We will definitely recommend all the travellers we meet on our way to stay with you. Wishing you all the best for the future. And let stay in touch!! Best Adi and Martina 2-12-2023
Sebastian Oscar and Max France
We passed a good moment with all people we meet. Thank so much for your unparalleled kindness and for your good mood. Thank also for these greats expériences who impressed. We know we are Lucky to live all that so again thank We wish you the best for the future kiss everybody for us. And if one of you come in France, you are welcome and we try to give the same welcome that you gave us thank for the third and see you soon I hope. Sebastian, Max and Oscar FRANCE 9-11-2023
Karina and Florian Germany
Dear Kus Family and Friends. We had such a nice stay here at your home. The first day was so much fun because there were so many family members and friends joining us. At the market/ park in the evening we had as well a good time to see the local people enjoying themselves was good to see. We hope you all stay healthy and stick together as a family. Also a big thank you for the experience with the children. To see how much fun the kids was so cool to play football. Hope we could motivate some of the kids to learn more English to have maybe someday the possibility to get together with people around the world. Thank you 1000x ! It was so much fun. Kind regards Karina and Florian Germany. 02-09-23
Mattia and Ale Italia
We found a new family in Cianjur. We’ve been to the floating village and visited the Gunung Padang archeological site. In the night we’ve been in the city, crowded village with a lot of live music and we tried to sing on the stage Close by Alun-Alun Cianjur! (we made tiktok video on our way back from waterfall) 13-8-2023
Adeline Sweden
Thank you so much for the stay, the great hospitality, the food, and the tour! It was a lot of fun and I really appreciate the opportunity to Gunung Padang Site! Thanks a lot and see you next time! 9-8-2023
Nini The Netherland
Dear Kus, Chevy, friends and family. Thank you for a lovely stay. Greatful for our 2 days with trips to Gunung Padang, waterfall, floating village and tea cacao plantation. Thank you for talks about art and Indonesian lessons, language and culture. You are all so warm and friendly, and very helpful. Thank you for sharing your home with me, and make me nice breakfast. Wish you all the best! 19-4-2023
Sarah and Michael Australia
Michael and I had an amazing stay here! The town is very pretty surrounded by rice fields. We had a lot of fun riding around on the scooters and visiting the floating village. Everyone here is very welcoming. All the best with the program we will recomend it to our friends and other travellers. Thank you very much! 20-3-2023
Emiel de witte Belgium
Kus is such a nice guy and lives in a real beautiful place.His family and friends took us in as one of theirs,Especially our kids!The accommodation is a bit basic, but that is what a home stay is all about!Kus gives really nice tours and knows a lot about the region he lives in.We did the floating village and the Cibodas botanical garden and waterfall.Both are amazing, and very doable in 1 day!
Jeanne Gansier
We spent such an amazing time with Kus and Chepy !The guest house is really typical and we had the opportunity to try all the local dishes of Indonesia ! Kus is really patient and like to explain specialities and costumes of his region. We loved the activités spent with him as the floating village, the trek on the Mount Manangel and the visite of the Tea plantations and Factory ! If you’re looking for an experience with Indonesian people and if you like the adventure : go ahead, this place is amazing !
Mailys France
Many thanks Kus and everybody!! Our stay was absolutely amazing and I will keep this memory in my mind forever! Thank you for your kindess, your patience and for showing us so many things. We learned a lot about Indonesian culture and way of life during this stay and it’s exactly why we come here. The trek on Mt. Manangel was amazing even with the rain and the landscape were really stunning! Big thanks for driving safely knowing that I was scared of the scooter  We enjoyed all the food that your mother made, it was delicious! All the best for you, Chevy and your family 07-09/09-2022
Jeanne France
Thank you Kus, Chevy and Co! We spent such an amazing time here! Your Homestay is so welcoming. I hope many tourists will come to meet you soon  I loved the activities and particularly the afternoon spent at the floating village! Thank you also to your mom for the food that she cooked us during this three days, every things was really good. I wish you the best for you, your family and the homestay. Best regards Jeanne 07-09- 09-2022
Esther and Paul Belanda
Dear Kus, Chepy, friends and family Thank you for the nice time and the beautiful hike. I was glad my condition was still ok! Unfortunately we had to change our plan a little bit because of the illness of Paul but we’re happy that we at leaste could stay two days one night. It was a good tasting all the fruits in the jungle and smelling the spices: nootmuschaat, clove and kardamon. I’m glad Chepy finally found good cocoa fruit. I hope he will get good Bonsai one time, it was fun to have diner with Muhamad too. We wish you, your friends and family a happy life and who knows, maybe our life will cross again in the future! Stay safe. Esther and Paul Belanda 15-09-2019
Piere and Family Belgium
Thank you so much Kus for your engaged welcome! We spend two wonderful days in your rooms with all family (Uma, Nais, Pierre, and Sylvie) the guide Andang and your uncle Chepy were also of a useful help and learned us so many enteresting things about the floating village, we are almost fluent in Indonesian thanks to them! Our girls have also spent good time to learn painting techniques with Chepy. They have loved his tricky tricks and his big smile! We have eaten so good during our stay you are so good Chevy! Thank you so much for everything. You’re welcome in brussels if you come one day.06-08-2019
Lactitia Ireland
I loved my stay here. I enjoyed the different excursions, the food and your kindness. It was a nice experience with many surpirses. I leave with a lot of memories. Thank you so much! Lactitia Ireland. 24-07-2019
Marlies and Menno Netherland
Dear Kus and Friends. We loved our stay, spending time with you in town (Eating Lontong, Yummm) Floating over the lake, visiting the school together... It feels like going out with friends!  Thank you so much!! All the best for the future! See you next year. Marlies and Menno Netherland 24-07-2019
Maria and George Greece
Kus, Chunink, Family and Friends. It’s a heartache to leave you! We are going to miss your kindness, your warm spirits, our funny rides with the motorbikes and your amazing company. I feel really lucky to meet you, and I consider you friends more than just hosts. Keep on doing these interesting things that you do, and get wiser and wiser every year. I wish you all the best in your life and hope to see you again in one of our or your trip! You are always more than welcome in Greece. Be strong, Be happy, Be full of what life gives, Be your selves till the next time.. Maria and George Greece 07-07-2019
Oriane France and Eva Netherland
Even if our butts hurt a lot today, and probably will for the next few days, one sure thing is that we did really enjoy every single minute in your company! Kus, your team and family is so fantastic, and so you are! This is an adventure I will remember for such a long time! I can only recommend everyone visiting Indonesia to spend few days in Cianjur in Bule Homestay Cianjur. Only then they will know about real sundanese culture! Keep working on your program as you currently do, it will be a thing after everyone will get PISSED of only visiting BALI! Make people know Java and Javanese culture! Thank you all for everything you’ve done! Oriane France and Eva Netherland. 03 to 06-05-2019
Dion Hallink Netherland
Dion hallink HollandDear Kus, Chuning, Andang, Lukman Time flies when having fun! Thank you so much for all the good conversations and great trips. Despite of being here during the rain season, we have had a lot of fun. Enjoying the weather while visiting beautiful places like Gunung Padang, Situ Gunung and Cianjur by night. I wish i was able stay any longer and start our misteri youtube channel LIVE BULE MISTERI in search for “our friends” in the forest pocong, kunti, genderewo. So, anyone who wants to do the same, dont be scared, Kus and Chuning are great bodyguards Spooky Thanks again Kus, family, and friends. I hope to see you soon again, looking forward to go trekking and camping. Bless you all! Take care and stay safe Dion Hallink Holland 14 to 19-02-2019
Sophie and Ben France
Dear Kus, Like other backpackers, we will write that you are a great man. We only spent 2 nights here, because it is the begining of our trip in Indonesia and we still have many things to discover in java and other Indonesian islands. We found here what we are looking for during this trip: a great hospitality. You introduce your friends to us and that was really nice. We don’t know if we will find again like this homestay somewhere but for me we will not forget it. Thanks also to Andang, You one both great! Sad to leave but we have to go forward. Sophie and Ben France 20-02-2019
Chris Simons America
Kus, Andang, Chevy and everyone else. I had a wonderful visit. Your tour to Gunung Padang was excellent, it was very informative, quite fun. I was very lucky to chose Bule Homestay Cianjur for my stay in Cianjur. Enjoyed the food and conversation very much. Thanks again! Chris Simons USA 12-02-2019
Bryan America
Kus, Andang and Ahmad. This has been the warmest welcome and most authentic West Java-style experience of my life. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your home and your stories. And a million ton for taking me out for photos along the train tracks and the great Mosque. I will send them to you once I develope the negatives. I wish you much success in future and look forward visiting again. Much Love From Brooklyn USA Bryan. 30-01-2019
Ina and Nathalie Germany
Dear Kus and Friends, thank you so much for your hospitality! You gave us a warm welcome and it felt like home at your place. The trips we did with yoou and your friends were amazing and we saw so beautiful places we could never had experienced without you. We felt safe with you, even you and the others drive fast, thanks for the rain coat, the spicy sauce and the (deep) talk on the terace. You were very helpful, kind, funny and friendly to us (GERMAN BULE)  We learned alot about your country and your life and we are very thankful for that! Hope we meet again! All the best Ina and Nathalie 26-10-2018
Sinead England
Kus And Friends, Many thanks to you all for such a wonderful weekend. This is my second time to visit your Homestay and Cianjur. I love it here. There is so much to see and do. It has been made even more special with your hospitality and kindness. Thanks for always answering my messages and your short notice organisation of all the fun activities. I loved and really enjoyed the 3 days camping trip to the Remote Village, rice fields and Village. I will be singing that animal song on thaught me for a while yet. Thanks to Fuji for his safe driving on the motorbike and Do for his fantastic cooking. Sinead  PS: Thanks for that warm fire you made for us Kus!!!  23-10-2018
Zaira England
Dearest Kus and Family. HEY HEY TAYOOO!!  Bagus Banget!! I have been in Indonesia for 8 months and I have to tell you Kus, this is the best weekend yet! Thank you so much for your hospitality, your patience and especially when I fall in the rice fields! I was thrilled when Sinad told me about Cianjur and what it had to offer. Her explanation however was never going to be enough to prepare me for this beautiful part of Indonesia. Thank you Kus-I will forever remember the special moments, the laughs and of course, OM!  Wish you all the best for the future. Lots of love. Zaira England 23-10-2018
Verena and Yunus Germany
Dear Kus and Teams, Having read all the wonderful comments on your Homepage and Booking.com We had quite some expectations coming to your Homestay. and they were fully met! Thank you very much for the wonderful time. We felt very welcomed and very much appreciated the glimpse on the sundanese culture, food and hospitality, we look forward to come back in the future to join all the tours you offer. We learned a lot about the local fruit and Tea production and were happy to fill our lungs with fresh mountain air, your cooking skills are amazing and your whole team is fun and inspiring. Terima kasih banyak! Verena and Yunus 20-10-2018
Andrea and Group, Germany,France
Andrea Germany, Eva, Delphine, Julie FranceThanks for the great stay at your homestay and for the nice trip to the Floating Village! And Thanks to you we discover the hidden tour of Indonesia! It was wonderful!! Terima Kasih for the delicious meals we had, for taking us everywhere and for the karaoke! I’ll try to come back! Thank you very much for having welcomed us! We had a wonderful time at Bule Homestay Cianjur. Merci beaucoup Delphine, Julie, Eva French and Andrea Germany 16-10-2018
Nina And Josh Germany
Dear Kus and Friends, Thank you for the great time full of new experience for us. Full of beautiful green nature of Mount Manangel and Floating Village. All the best for all of you. Nina and Josh Germany 13-10-2018
Clement France
Merci Kus! Pour Ton hospitalite et celle de ta famille et tes amis, le jolie en scooter et la ballade au joudin botanique. Teerima Kasih! Clement France
Chris France
Dear Kus, thank you for your hospitality. The food was delicious and we enjoyed the trip to the Floating Village. All the best Chris France. Le 08-10-2018
Inke and Hestiol Belgium
Dear Mr Kus and Friends. This is our first trip to Java. And your hoouse our first stop. You took us on a trecking trip near your house. You made us open our eyes, how beautiful the surounding is.. Always up never down  The food was great. Thank you for the nice experience. And for being our bodyguards!! A big “KUS” (Kiss in Dutch) for you all. Inke and Histiol Belgium. 11-09-2018 To do list : Learn how to play “ Sitting on the dock of a bay”
Matt H London England
Dear Kus and Family, Chevy and Andang. Thank you so much for your hospitality over the last three nights/days. I’ve had a brill time and it was a great introduction to Indonesian life. The food has been amazing and the trips were too, especially the jungle trek/swim. The best part was hanging out with you and your friends in the evenings. I didn’t understand much but could tell you were all having a blast! Very kind of your friends to let me win a game of Ping-Pong too! Matt H London England 20-08-18
John and Anna England
Dear Kus and Family. Thank you so much for an amazing time! We are so blessed to have place to stay. Amazing, amazing cycle, great massage and such a great welcome to Indonesia! We played football England VS Indonesia with the kids- would 100% recommended. John and Anna 15-08-2018
Tomas and Josephine Belgium
Dear Kus and Family. Thank you so much for these unforgettable days. We will always sherish the moments we had with you. Our first taste of sundanese food, learning a new language and singing The Beatles under the stars. Also thank you for taking our stray friends John and Anna in their time of need you and everyone in Cianjur are blessed with a beautiful, kind and generous heart and you have made us feel extremly welcome.. If we come back or if we have friends passing, through, we will (make them) come to visit you. Lots of love Tomas and Josephine. Belgium 15-08-2018
Maika Netherland
Dear Kus and Team. I am so happy to have found you by accident at the end of my trip. Thank you so much for showing me the wonders and hospitality of Cianjur. If I had found you sooner I would have booked a talk. I’ll just have to come back for that! My biggest thanks to Chevy, Andang, it was amazing to talk in Dutch with you. I did not expect to hear it so fluent so far from home. And Chevy thank you for taking me on the back of your motorbike and learning me some Indonesian. I will not forget the colours again now. I will recommend your homestay to anyone coming to java. Good luck with all your endeavours in the future and I hope we’ll meet again! With love Maika Holland 27-08-2018
Jade and Mark England
To Kus And Family. What a wonderful time we’ve had staying with you and getting to know you all the friendliest, loveliest people and the warmth and hosppitality you showed us was amazing. Thank you so much for the day trips we did with you. They were so fun and we learnt so much. We wouldn’t have been able to see the Megalithic Site, Waterfall, Floating Village, and Cocoa Plantaion without you. A big thank you too, to Chevy and Andang for looking after Jade cure when she had an upset tummy (and Kus’ mom who made a magic drink) We wish we could stay longer with you. We will be sad to say bye but hope we can keep in touch. With love Jade and Mark England. 06-08-2018
Matt England
Dear Kus and Family. Thank you for yoour welcoming me so kindly and showing me around. The rice fields near your home were wonderful to see, and an interesting surprise to see the motorcross course! Also thank you for organising me to teach in a couple of different school in the south. I am sure it will be a great experience. Anyone who visit Bule Homestay Cianjur will have memories of their time here. I guarantee it. Matt England 22-07-2018
Livia Germany
Dear Kus and Family. I would like to thank you for your hospitality and the wonderful stay I had with you in Cianjur. I am glad that I could start my journey in Indonesia here and I could get my first experience of Indonesian culture have with you. I enjoyed my stay at your Homestay and the trip to Gunung Padang very much. Thank you for your help to organizing my trip. I wish you and your family all the best and good luck of your business. Livia France 21-07-2018
Pierre France
I loved to stay at Bule Homestay Cianjur, my stay was more than a pleasure. Kus the owner is really providing. The one day tour was very nice, crossing rice field, cocoa plantation, ruber trees. We can only recommend this homestay where all “BULES” are more than welcome and everything is done in order. Thanks Kus and Team! Pierre France. 28-05-2018
Fabienne and Lucas France
Terima Kasih to all of Bule Homestay Cianjur Teams. This trip in Cianjur was a really good experience for us. Two days living like Indonesian, with friends and family. Thanks for taking care of all things. Trip, Foods, Musics, Meeting... thanks for all! Hope to see you again. You’ll welcome in France, if you come one day. Dado saya teman (Hope my Indonesian was good ) Fabienne and Lucas France 09-11-2017
Haritaya (Dao) Thailand
It’s really an honor that we are the first group of people from Thailand to use your service and stay at your place. Thank you for the warm welcome and great service. Thank you for tailoring everything to our needs despite the limited time. It was really the longest motorcycle ride in my life! However, the view of Paddy field on the way was extraordinary and The Gunung Padang Megalithic Site was memorable. It really made all the tiredness gone away. Your knowledge of the site was excellent, giving us more info about this ancient site. Thank you for the safe and considerate drive among the pouring rain and getting us the rain coat! The dinner was great. I especially enjoyed Soto Betawi very much. I wish we had more time to explore other places in Cianjur. Wish you success in your biz. Keep up the good work. Haritaya (Dao) Thailand. 13-10-2017
Pat (Panda) Thailand
Sawasdee Kus and Bule Homestay Cianjur Team. Thank you for your great and friendly hospitality. I had a great time and to be honest, it was my first motorcycle ride to Gunung Padang. It was a little bumpier and long ride, but it was fun and exciting. Too bad it was raining, you and your friend had to ride through rain and wet dark road. And I’d like to thank you for drive safely. Next time, if I have more time. I’ll definitely visit Gunung Padang again and maybe do more hiking and visit the waterfall. I wish you great success and achieve you dream resort soon. Take care. Selamat.. (KHOB KHUN KRAB) Pat (Panda) 13-10-2017
Felicia The Philippine
Dear Kus and Family, Thank you so much for your warm hospitality and welcome, wish you all the best for the future of your Homestay.
Elien and Jeroen Belgium
Dear Kus, family and friends of the Bule Homestay Cianjur. After a long ride to Cianjur, we really enjoyed and feeling so welcome in your home. We had only a short stay in Cianjur, but will never forget our trip to the amazing Floating Village and the hospitality of your friends and family. Of course we will also remember the SATE MARANGGI, which was so yummi! (Thanks for the recipe) We wish you a lot of fun and success with your business. Keep up and good luck. Elien and Jeroen from Belgium 12-09-2017
Oliver and Mathias Switzerland
Dear Kus, Dear Family, Dear Everyone who was here and took care of us. We really enjoyed the homestay and it was very interesting. It was our first time in Indonesia and in Asia in general. We surely will recommend your homestay to other travellers we meet and know. It was great fun to play these traditional games with the local people. And next time we will beat Chevy in Chess! Oliver and Matias Swiss 22-08-2017
Loes and Mariska Netherland
Dear Kus, family and friends (Chevy and Ifan) We had a wonderful time at your homestay. The tours to the Tea Plantation and the other site were very interesting and enjoyable. You Chevy and Ifan took good care of us. The “normal” bike ride well eh.. We will never forget it! We felt in love with your Kittens, If it were possible, we would like to take them with us to the Netherlands. Thank you so much also for the great food you cooked for us, so fresh and full of taste. We wish you all the best for the future for you and your family. Hatur Nuhun! Loes and Mariska Netherland 20-08-2017
Patrice France
Dear Kus, family and friends (Chevy and Yandi!!) It has been such wonderful to stay with you! Everything was so nice : to talk, to visit, to eat (bravo to the cooks) and to discover a little of the sundanese culture, (bike rides) I really to come back as soon as possible!vI wish you luck for all the good projects you are in Mercis Patrice France. 10-08-2017
Elke, Jan, Jolyn and Tinke Belgium
Dear Kus and Family. What a nice place to spend our last pew days here in Indonesia! The lovely children, the tasty food (Terong and Sambal) all the kindness of the people. Special thanks also to Chevy for drawing with Jolyn and all the attention for our children! Good luck to you and your family. And a big hug from Tinke to Nirva xxx Elke, Jan and Children Belgium 07-08-2017
Konstante and Patrick Germany
Dear Bule Homestay Cianjur, here’s to everyone who makes this place so great and so special. Apa Kabar? We are more than BAIK. Patrick and I are so greatful for the time we spent at your homestay. It was truly a memorable experience. Not only the crazy hike in the mountain, but also your kind hospitality and the amazing food. Bule Homestay Cianjur feels like h fell in lovewith your neighbor, kitties and I am sure that they will live happy ever after here in Cianjur, all though I would like taking them with us in the backpack. I will ask you for an update every once in a while. We wish you all the best. Terima kasih for everything! Konstante and Patrick Germany Baden-wurttemberg PS: I am really sad to be leaving tomorrow morning. 31-07-2017
Steffi Amsterdam Netherland
Dear Kus, Chevy and the Team. I had a really good time at your Homestay! Thank you so much for your hospitality and for teaching me about Sundanese culture and the nature around Cianjur. I really enjoyed Manangel, thank you Chevy and Irfan! I wish you and all your friends and family the best! Steffi Netherland 30-07-2017
Marine Lascault and Romain France
Dear Kus and Family. Thank yoou for the three amazing days spent in Bule Homestay Cianjur. We really enjoyed visiting the Rice field, Floating Village and the school. Batik Course was really amazing too. Thank you also for the excellent food. We wish you lots of sucsess and Happiness Marine Lascault and Romain France 28-07-2017
Barbara, Godest, Alexia and Phillipe
Dear Kus and family. We had a wonderful time. The Floating Village was very special, your family was so nice. We loved the dinners, but the bike trail a lil bit too hard for us. You have a lovely Homestay, we wish you all the best. Thank you for a great time. Barbara and Family Belgium 22-07-2017
Mira and Pin Germany
Dear Kus and Family. We had a wonderful time here! Thank you very much for showing us around. The amazing trips and getting to know your warm-hearted family and friends! All the best Mira and Pin 15-07-2017
Erwin and Jet Netherland
Dear Kus and Team. Thanks a lot for the wonderful stay and trips! It has our first time to stay in a Homestay and it was amazing! You arranged everything really well the trip too, from the Homestay and all the trips. We really enjoyed the trip to the Floating Village and the “easy” bicycle tour. Thanks so much and good luck with everything. Best Erwin and Jet 29-06-2017
Ben and Sophie France
Kus and Family, that late night Facebook reply made a great change in my trip. This second time in Cianjur was fantastic just like the first. Your hospitality and kindness touched me and will not soon be forgotten. As I’m sure you know travelling into smaller towns, can sometimes be confusing or even intimidating to newcomers. So I thank you very much for your welcoming atmosphere and all the helpful information you provided. 05-04-2019
Rei France
Dear Kus, family and friends. Thank you very much for having me at your cosy home. I enjoyed the many activities we did and thank you for sharing about the local history and showing the bautiful village and plantation. Thank you also for looking into the safetu and taking care of me on the trip. You and your team of Bule Homestay Cianjur are very warm and responsible. They made me feel welcome here. Thank you also for your Mum's wonderful cooking. All the best in your future and stay happy and healthy!! Best wishes
Corinna and Arthur England
Dear Kus and Family. Thank you very much for having us at your wonderful home, we felt very welcome since the first moment. The trip to the Floating Village was amazing, especially that four members of your family joined us- all friendly. The trip to Mount Manangel was a very unique experience to us since we were able to swim in the waterfall and the natural infinity pool. The funny and slippery hike to peak was great and adventurous. Thank you to Chevy and Yandi for explaining and showing us the plants on todays trekking. We are very happy and grateful for our stay here with your warm-hearted family. We wish you all the best! Hopefully we can come back one time Corinna and Arthur England 06-09-2017
Luisa And Kai Germany
Dear Bule Homestay Cianjur Team. Thank you so much for such an amazing stays! We had a lot of fun with you guys. This Homestay was the best thing we could have done. Thanks for bringing us to the Floating Village, explaining everything to us, showing us the DAM and going with us to the nice places for dinner. Especially you Kus were so helpful from the day before we arrived to our departure. We enjoyed the evening the most you made us feel a part of your big family! Singing good old songs, playing guitar, playing games – We Germans are definitly the Loser xxx. We wish you all the best for your family, friends and your Homestay! Hope to see you again – Somewhere in Europe.. NUHUN!! Luisa and Kai Germany 02-06-2017 PS : That was our first homestay (Very First Homestay!) and you guys showed us how awesome living so close with locals is!!!
Floyd and Katie Australia
The time has finaly to an end. Your humble abode, and your kind ways will live in our hearts for the rest of our days. By now we’re chilling in the land under reminiscing on Indonesian tropical thunder. Ancient knowledge we gathered like students, with new found powers, like new born mutants. Gunung Padang, its wisdom sung, misteriously wonderful, the time has begun to amalgamate this golden gates of archaic understanding and technology of late, to find the truth of who we are, beings of the sky or of the sea pondering so endlessly. To give them a hint, a hunch and a clue. One can start where you thought it said blue. It in fact says ‘BULE’ To describe those in the west, this X marks the spot to the hidden chest. Aligned with the stars, like a sacred blue print the fire within can burn and here is the flint. Floyd and Katie Australia 07-04-2017
Joanna Canada
Kus and Family. You demonstrate exactly what Homestays are all about. Thank you for looking after me from the time I made my reservation. Your family was wonderful, the food was delicious, the tours were great and you have such a beautiful country side. Thank yoou for taking extra care on the motorbike, I did not find terrify for a single moment, even the pouring rain. Keep doing what you do. You provide a valuable service. Many many thanks. 02-04-2017
Fiona and Ebn Mars England
We have had such a lovely time here with you all. After a long few days traveling to Indonesia and then to Jakarta, we were made to feel welcome at home as soon as we arrived. The whole family has been so kind friendly and helpful. Thank you for the delicious foods, tea and coffee, and for teaching us about your beautiful country and culture. If you ever come to England we would love to return the favour! Hopefully we will see you all again!! Fionna and Ebn Mars 7 to 9-03-2017
Ramona And Andre Germany
Dear Kus, Chevy, family and friends. You guys are really awesome! We have never had so much fun in Indonesia with local people live here at “Bule Homestay Cianjur” Thank you for a wonderful adventurous week with you! The food was always delicious and the tours very interesting. We enjoyed it very much! And thank you Chevy for Indonesian lessons with you, now we are well prepared. Terima kasih “We wish you and Bule Homestay Cianjur” all the best and many many guests. German Couple. Ramona and Andre Germany 20 to 25-02-2017
Dianne Australia
Dear Kus, team and family. Thank you for your exceptional hospitality, service, care and your big friendly smile. I have felt very well looked after all the time and very safe, (even on some of those treacherous roads on the bike) I have loved all your tours which are more than the usual tourist experience. The homestay has all the little extras that make it. Comfortable and it’s all a very affordable price. You work very hard to please your guest! I will be back again as it has been one of my best experiences. Take care! Dianne Australia. Hatur nuhun!!
Frederique France
Thank you so much for such a lovely time! You and your family are really kind and it was a great pleasure to discover Cianjur! I will never forget this experience, the motorbike in the rain, the food you made me discover! Tahnk you so much for making me discover Cianjur! This trip is awesome! Take care! Frederique, Toulous France
Toni and Rene Germany
Dear Kus, family and friends. As we started our trip to Indonesia, we dreamed from the life with we locals. We came from Jakarta to Cianjur because of the great nature and people. We really want to say that our expectation were high. Than we arrived here in Bule stay home. All the people we met were so so great. All the things in nature and city are awesome! We thank you, friend Kus and all people of family and friends for these very nice days! It is so nice to make this experience in our life! Rhank you so much!! Kus, I’ll come back for helping you with your plans! Toni and Rene Germany 14 Februari 2019 – 19 Februari 2019
Samuel France
The last two days in Cianjur were awesome. I really enjoyed so much, the friendly athmosphere. It was run to visit the local school and see the daily live of the students and the teachers. Thank you for showing me the village and helping me to find a route to travel around in Java. I will never forget the beautiful landscape and the fun we had at the waterfall. The food was very delicious and it was a great experience cooking together. Thanks for the great time. Samuel France 28-10-2016
Corinna Germany
Dear Kus, Friends and Family. Thank youso much for three awesome days. I will help in mind your warm smiles, laughs and great hospitality forever. You are gentle people with big hearts. Keep them and your doors open for BULE people. I will take home this part of Indonesia. The landscape is stunning and the nature beautiful. Special thanks to my wonderful guides Robi and Fauzi, Who are done a great job to help me safe on Gunung Manangel. Thank you all for the effort to teach me Bahasa Indonesia. I will try to learn more so that when I come back I will be able to talk like a local. I enjoyed the time here so much. On the one hand I wish I could stay longer, on the other hand I’m looking forward to see more of your beautiful country. I wish you all the best. Kus, you can be very proud of what you’re reached so far. One day all your dreams come true, I hope. I wish you good luck, lots of happiness and always nice guests. Take care. Big hugs, Corinna Germany.. 25-09-2016
Alba, Eva and Friends Spain
To Kus and his family. Dear Kus! We have a great time here in your place! It has been a real pleasure to have the oportunity to discover the wonderful area of Cianjur from The Remote Village, from the Floating Village, we have been astonished with the marvelous landscapes our eyes have seen. We will never forget the green rice fields, the night camping in the lake, the swim in the morning. The chance to be the first european ladies to explore the water-falls and the rides with your motorbikes. We had the time of our lives with yoou all guys! Now that we have eaten rice in a Banana leaf as a brotherhood and you taught us how to poo in a traditional toilet, we feel that we are part of your life just the same you are part of ours.. Keep on fighting for your program, you are doing things right and it is something very special for western people like us. Never give up your dreams! Best wishes from Barcelona. 24-09-2016
Zsofia and Mateusz England
Dear Team, We had such an amazing time with you guys. We stayed five dyas and it’s sad that we have to leave the Bule Homestay Cianjur. We had difficulties falling asleep the first night due to all the noises from the fositivities of Idul Adha. And it turned out to be such a fun night with you friendly people. We really enjoyed the hiking trip to Gunung Gede, we even managed to climb it three times!  The trip to Remote Village was amazing, the landscapes are absolutely magical and the visit to the Rice Fields and the Sugar making was so interesting. I loved the bike rides, what a fun way to see Java’s landscapes! Once I was not scared anymore. I wish the best to all of you guys, and thank you very much for everything. Keep smiling!  Zsofia and Mateusz 16-09-2016
Miriam and Lukas Germany
Dear Kus, thank you so much for your lovely Homestay in Cianjur. It was not long but we enjoyed so much every second, your tours are awesome!!! We will not never forget these experiences. It’s a big adventure for us-everything  We hope you will enjoy your Homestay with the next tourists and please, hold your dream and make it as good as you do it right now! It was a pleasure for us  Best regards and see you again. Mirian and Lukas 10-09-2016
Anne Germany
Dear Bule Homestay Team. Thank you very much for the last three days. I had a wonderful time here and friendly accommodation, walking through the rice field, visiting the Floating village and the Cocoa Plantage was so interesting. I really enjoyed spending time with you, your family and friends. I could not imagine to have a better Homestay while traveling through Indonesia. I felt comfortable and save all the time. I also enjoyed that I was allowed to visit a school, it was a new experience and interesting for me, because i also want to become a teacher. For the future I wish you the best! I would like to say thank you again and hopefully one day I can come back and visit you again. It was nice to meet you all and I will never forget this time here. 07-09-2016
Katharina and Hannes Germany
Dear Bule Homestay Cianjur Team. Thank you so much for this very nice day, we enjoyed the trip very much, when we went to the Floating Village, we could see the local fish farmers and had funny Fish-spa and then we tried Cacao beans. Thank you also to have dinner at a local Warung, it was very tasty. We will recommend this Homestay to other travellers, because Kus and his brother cared about us on the trip and of course we could learn more about Indonesian culture. Best wishes for the future! 09-08-2016
Rebecha and Till Swiss
Dear Bule Homestay Cianjur – Team. Thank you so much for this adventure, for your friendly accomoddation and the many interesting informations. The meal were delicious and every minute we felt us safe and comfortable. It was like we have seen a piece of the real (Add no so touristic) Indonesia. We learned so many things, especially Indonesian and Sundanese words and habits, it was so great. For your future we wish you are the best, stay as you are so funny and happy. And if you need help or some photos > you have our contact. We hope we will see you all again and we’ll learning for more things about fruits, traffic and habits. Terima Kasih and Selamat Tinggal! 24-07-2016
Basil and Seline Switzerland
Dear Bule Homestay team. Thank you so much for the great two days we’ve spent with you! Walking the ricefields on the harvest time with uncle Chepy and Robby was very impressive, fun and interesting now we know nearly everything about rice and local food, fruits and stuff. We also really enjoyed the floating village with all its fishes and houses and thank you a lot for the coconuts and the meals were delicious! Thank you for all the organitation and the good time we had with you! We couldn’t have had a better host team! We wish you all the best, very good time, and if you ever come to switzerland to touch know for the first time be sure to write us xxx Basil and Seline 14-07-2016
Laure Paris France
Je pirais la meme chose! Beaucoup d’attention et de disponibilite de Kus et son equipe. Un urai bon sejour avec decouvertes des jardins de Cibodas, trek dans les riziekes Mt. Manangel et visite d’une ecole. Excellent moment d’immersion dans la vie Sundanaise. Laure from Paris 02-09-2016
Sabrina Germany
Dear guys! Thank you very much for... The strong cycling tour. Delicious food. Funny Sabouter game include white powder. Tasty coffee and tea. The freezing night up in the mountain. Extrem and steep hiking. Amazing views. Singing lesson. Nice motorbike tour. 1000 of photo sessions with local people. You are so friendly and helpful, we felt very comfortable! We wish you all the best and a successful business! Lovely double SABRINA’S  26-06-2016
Lukas Austria
Dear Homestay Team! Seeing all your activities, it’s kind of sad that I only could spend 2 days with you in Cianjur. I had an awesome time and I’m thankful for the opportunity to experience local life away from main tourist attractions. The food you offered is simple, but still so delicious and amazing as the service and help of the whole team. You also take care of your guests. I wish you all the best with the program and setting up your ideas for expending the things you want to offer. Again Thanks a lot-Nuhun Lukas Austria 14-06-2016
Blanca Spain
To everybody and each of you, the amazing family members and all the friends from Kus. I will never forget the two days we have passed here with you in Cianjur! I had never had the opportunity to spend such precious time with people in a local village and I feel so lucky to have been able to do so. What a nice laugh! Specially running from the dogs!  NUHUN Guys! Blanca – Spain 15-05-2016
Carme Spain
Guys! What a fantastic time we have had!!! It has been such great fun! It has been our first two days in Indonesia and we could have not been any better! We do not really want to leave but we need to move on and keep exploring this amazing country. Keep being so friendly and cool and never lose your smiles! I wish you are the best and hopefully one day I can come and meet you again!  NUHUN! Carme – Spain 15-05-2016
Livia Germany
To the great Bulehomestay team! I sadly just had time to stay one night but the service was excellent. I mainly came to see Gunung Padang and I was able to do a half day trip by bike. The team is great in having a look for your needs and help to reach your next destination. Besides yummy local food and some nice jamming and singing at night a lovely spot to stay and see local live. Thanks a lot – Livia 06-05-2016
Susanne Germany
Lieber Kus! Wir Mochten uns ganz herzlich bei dir und dunem team fur die gastlieundndaft bedanken, dein service ist giobartig. Du hast uns geholfen, damit wir problemlos von Jakarta nach Cianjur fahren konnten, die eugfahrt nach Yogyakarta hast du auch organisiert. Das essen war riehtig lecker, das obst und lesonders toll fanden wir mal Mangostan eu piobieren. Deire touren haben uns einen einblick in die wunderschone wateer und die lebenswelisen der locals gewahrt. besondern die trekking tour war sehr aufregend und ratviel spab gemacht. wenn man aus Deutchland komumt, nach Jakarta fliegt und dann in Cianjur ist weib man was es bedeutet mal wrieder abzuwarten bis der regen vorbei ist" Danke fur die tolle zat und viel erfolg fur "Bule Homestay Cianjur" 4-5-2016
Marie Germany
Dear Bule Homestay Team!Thank you so much for the wonderful time in Cianjur. I could not have imagined a better start for my travels through Indonesia NUHUN for teaching me some SUNDANESE, for introducing me to many delicious foods, sharing some of your culture with me, and explaining about rice and many tropical plants we saw in the jungle. Especially I want to thank you for our trips, they were all amazing, thank you for being so warm and welcoming and so so helpfull.Thank you for helping me not to fall down on all the slippery trails, we were hiking on. I will never forget these trips and all of you! SAMPAI JUMPA LAGI Marie Germany 29-01-2016
Moritz and Charlotte Germany
Dear Kus and Team! Terima Kasih! We cannot thank you enough for having us stay with you. It has been an absolute pleasure to see and experience Cianjur and your culture and lovely people. Thank you for the awesome memories and the “out-of-this-world” experiences, we will never forget. Kus, you are such a great guy, thank you to the team and your family for everything! All the best! Big hugs from us. Moritz and Charlotte 07-08-2015
Pierre et Marion France
Thanks you very much and thanks to your family! with you, Chevy and Team. We passed wonderful times Cycling tour, hiked Mt. Manangel are two treks very amazing. Thank you too to discover the local food, it’s very tasty. You are good people and welcoming host. We hope your project will develop, if you want we can be the “ tourist tester” finally thank you for your help for the organitation of our trip. “Nous allons essayer de te faire connaitre dans les differents guides touris tiques” Nice Homestay, hope to come back, good luck for the future 05-07-2015
Letty van Steekelenburg Holland
Dear Kus and Team! We enjoyed our wonderful trip to the floating villages. The people are very friendly and warm. Nature is beautiful. Letty van Steekelenburg, Maasland Holland 14-05-2015
Kah Hwee
Friendly English speaking host-simple room-clean toilet-hot showers-tour service available Longer version: More than just homestay, the host Guik and his crews also offer half-day to 3-day tours. They are a bunch of adventurous people who like to explore new placed around Cianjur and include suitable ones into their tours. As a result, their tour itineraries are quite unique. Guik speaks fluent English while his crews are still trying to catch up, If you like adventure and want to try out how the locals live, Bule Homestay Cianjur is for you. Kah Hwee Singapore
I was on a day trip with Guik as guide through the hills around Cianjur. I absolutely enjoyed not only the nature and great people we met along the journey but also the authenticity of his tour, how he explained everything about how he grew up and why this place is so special for him. I would definitely recommend a tour with him to experience the true javanese life in small villages. Jan Germany 24-12-2015
We have spent one month in Indonesia and we can easily say that the time we spent with Kus and his family plus the things we did with them were the highlight of our trip! Kus is a wonderfull and passionate guide. He finds places that amaze him and shares them with his guests. We went on a 3 day trek to the south of Cianjur, where we saw breathtaking views, untouched nature and encountered some of the most warmhearted people ever.The room we stayed in was basic and the facilities were clean. Kus looked after us and made sure we try all the local culinary specialties, incl his pancakes! :) If you are looking for an authentic experience of Indonesia, this is probably as good as it gets. 06-06-2015
Ming Chen
A very warm family, a simple room, very comfortable. The landlord is very warm, can give you a lot of help. China August 2015
Daniel K
Wir waren 4 Tage bei Guik und seinen Jungs und wurden wirklich freundlich und gastbereit von seinen jungs und onkel
Leffert and Lieke
We stayed 3 nights at Bule Homestay Cianjur, and were sorry to have to leave after that period. We had so much fun! They were some of the best days in our 9 weeks indonesia trip. We would definitely recommend Bule Homestay Cianjur to other travellers/backpackers. The food is amazing, the team very friendly and activities varied and a lot of fun.Thanks for everything Bule Homestay Cianjur team! Kind regards, Leffert and Lieke the Netherlands12-09-2015
Ruben Netherlands
I really recommend Bule Homestay Cianjur, I had a great time with the whole crew. It felt like home with the hospitable family. The cycling tour (the hard one) is amazing, so many wonderful views!When you are in Cianjur, go to Bule Homestay! Kind regards, Ruben from holland!03-07-015
Estelle and Caroline France
Dear Kus, we spent five awesome days, with you, your family and your friends! We believe in your project and we really hope that you can realize it soon! We give you this little present for your homestay and your program! to have memory of your guests.. Thank you for everything, we will not forget all this great moment, all the laughs, the smiles, the beautiful landscapes, the good foods, the songs (with your uncle!), the walks. All these things who made the journey in Cianjur awesome! We hope to come back here again. Who knows, see you another time. All the best for everyone in your home! Estelle and Caroline France 2-10-2014