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Jade and Mark England
Kus, thank you SO much to you and the others for a fantastic few days at your homestay. You were so friendly and helpful, made us feel so at home and comfortable and looked after us so so well! The two trips we did with you (megalithic site, waterfall and floating village) as well as walking around the rice fields were incredible. We had so much fun and couldnt have seen half as much if we had tried to do it by ourselves. We only wish we couldve stayed longer and wish we have known about the overnight tours you do beforehand, as we wouldve stayed longer so we could do one! Best of luck to you all
Oliver and Mathias Swiss
Dear Kus dear everyone who was here and take care of us. We really enjoyed the Homestay and it was very interesting, it was our first time in Indonesia and in Asia in general. We surely gonna recomended your offer to other travellers we meet and know, it was great fun to play these traditional games with the local people, and next time we will beat Chevy in chess! :) Oliver and Mathias
Matt England
Dear Kus and family, Thank you for welcoming me so kindly and showing me around. The rice fields near your home were wonderful to see, and interesting surprise to see the motorcross! Also thank you for organising for me to teach in a couple of different schools in the South, I am sure it will be a great experience. Anyone who visits Bule Homestay will have found memories of their time here, I guarantee it! Matt England 22-07-2018
Livia Slovakia
Dear Kus and family. I would like to thank you for your hospitality and the wonderful stay and had with you in Cianjur. I am glad that I could start my journey in Indonesia and I got my first experience of Indonesian culture here with you. I enjoyed my stay at your homestay and the trip to Gunung Padang very much. Thank you for your help with organising my trip. Good luck with your homestay in the future!! 21-07-2018
Konstanze Germany
My boyfriend and I spent three nights at Blue Homestay back in August. Not only is the scenery of Cianjur incredible, but also is the hospitality of Kus and his crew. We did two very impressing tours and hope to do some more one day. It instantly felt like home and became my favorite place to stay on our Trip. We will definitely come back in the future.
Fabienne and Lucas France
Terima kasih to all of Bule Homestay Teams. This trip in Cianjur was a really good experience for us. Two nights stayed here like Indonesian, and friendly family. Thanks for taking care all things. Trips, foods, musics, meeting... Thanks for all! Hope to see you again, you are welcome in France, if you come one day. Dadah saya teman (hope my Indonesian was good)
Michele France
Une randonnée de 3 jours , organisation parfaite, accompagnateurs aux petits soins’ visite très intéressante dans villages, soirée et couché chez l’habitant et sous la tenteavec repas au feu de bois par un vrai chef ! Une aventure maitrisée pour une dame de 75ans.
Oliver Switzerland
Defentily recommandable!:D Already after one day I felt like at home. There is an awesome crew taking care of you who offers a wide variety of tours you can book. Hope I can come back one day:) 25-08-17
Johanna Switzerland
Kus und sein Team waren super hilfsbereit und sehr herzlich! Der Ausflug ins Remote village ist mehr als empfehlenswert! Ein tolles Abenteuer mit Camping und leckerem auf dem Feuer gekochtem Essen! Das Homestay ist gut zu erreichen und Kus unterstützt dich bei der Planung der An- und Abreise. Hier gibts kein Massentourismus sondern das echte Indonesien! 12-08-17
Joanne USA Florida
You demonstrate exactly what homestays are all about. Thank you for looking after me from the time you made my reservation. Your family was wonderful, the food delicious. The tours were great, and you have such a beautiful country side. Thank you for taking extra care on the motorbike even throughout the pouring rain. Keep doing what you do. You provide a valuable service. Many many thanks! Joanne 24-05-17
Kai Singapore
Cianjur is beautiful place (Enak in bahasa) with rivers, lakes, rice fields and plantations. MUST visit for nature lovers. Overall nice stay with Kus and his friends in Cianjur. Highlights: my 3 night stay included cycling trip, visit to floating village, kebun raya (botanical gardens) in Cibodas. Also sight seeing to near by villages. Kus helped with all arrangements and personally accompanied to all places. He knows the locations and villagers well. He also arranged masseur at home. Cycling trip was the best experience. By evening whole body was hurting but thoroughly enjoyed the journey 23-3-17
Fiona and Ebn Mars England
We have had such a lovely time here with you all. After a few days traveling to Indonesia from Jakarta, we were made to feel welcome at home as soon as we arrived. The whole family has been even so kind, friendly and helpful. Thank you for the delicious food, tea and coffee and for teaching us about your beautiful country and culture. If you ever come to England we would love to return the favor. Hopefully we will see you all again! Fiona and Ebn Mars 7-
Andre and Ramona Germany
Dear Kus, Chevy, Family and friends. We never had so much fun in Indonesia with local people like here at Bule Homestay Cianjur. Thank you for a wonderful adventurous week with you. The food was always delicious and the tours very interesting! We enjoyed it very much. And thank you Chevy for all Indonesian lessons with you, now we are well prepared. Terima kasih! We wish you and Bule Homestay Cianjur, all the best and many many guests. German Couple 20-25.02.2017
Helena Roosianti Jakarta
Dear Kus, Nuhun pisan, tinggal disini bagus, nyaman, dekat kemana-mana di Cianjur. Kunjungan pertama kita sebelum melanjutkan ke Pangandaran. Jan dan Saya akan berangkat ke Jawa, Bali, Lombok. Thanks untuk waktunya 10-1-2017
Floyd and Katie Australia
Kus, Family and friends. The time has finally come to an end. your humble abode, and your kinds ways will live in our hearts for the rest of our days. by now we are chilling in the land down under reminiscing on Indonesia tropical thunder. Ancient knowledge we gathered like students with new found powers, like new born mutants. Gunung Padang, its wisdom song, mysteriously wonderful, the time has begun, to amalgamate these golden gates of archaic understanding and technology of late, to find the truth of who we are, beings of the sky or of the sea pondering so endlessly 26-12-16
Frederique France
Thank you so much for such a lovely time! You and your family are really kind and it was a great pleasure to discovere Cianjur! I will never forget this experience, the motorbike in the rain, the food you made me discover! Thank you so much for making me discover Cianjur! This trip is awesome, take care! Frederique 24-11-16
Toni and Rene Germany
Dear Kus, Family and friends. As we started our trip to Indonesia. We dreamed from the life with the Locals. We came from Jakarta to Cianjur because of the great nature and people. We really want to say that our expectations were high. Than we arrived here in Bule Homestay Cianjur. All the people we met here were so so great. All the things in the nature and the city are awesome. We thank you, friend and Kus and all people of family and friends for these very nice days! It is so nice to make this experience in our life! Thanks so much! Lovely regards Toni and Rene Germany 30-10-16
Samuel Germany
Dear Bule Homestay Cianjur, the last 3 days in Cianjur were awsome. I really enjoyed the friendly athmosphere. It was fun to visit the Local School and see the daily live of the students and the Teachers. Thank you for showing me the village and helping me to find a route to travel around in Java. I will never forget the beautiful landscape and the fun we had at the waterfall, the food was very delicious and it was a great experience cooking together. Thanks for the great time Samuel Germany 28-10-16
Zsofia and Mateusz England
Dear Team, We had such an amazing time with you guys. We stayed five days and it’s sad that we have to leave the Bule Homestay Cianjur. We had difficulties falling asleep the first night due to all the noises from the positivities of Idul Adha. And it turned out to be such a fun night with you friendly people. We really enjoyed the hiking trip to Gunung Gede, we even managed to climb it three times!  The trip to Remote Village was amazing, the landscapes are absolutely magical and the visit to the Rice Fields and the Sugar making was so interesting. I loved the bike rides, what a fun way to see Java’s landscapes! Once I was not scared anymore. I wish the best to all of you guys, and thank you very much for everything. Keep smiling!  Zsofia and Mateusz 16-9-16
Eva, Alba n friends Spain
To Kus and his family. we have had a great time here in your place! It has been a real pleasure to have the oportunity to discover the wonderful area of Cianjur from the remote village from the floating village, we have been astonished with the marvelous landscapes our eyes have seen, we will never forget the green rice fields, the night camping in the lake, the swim in the morning, the chance to be the first european ladies to explore the water falls and the rides with your motorbikes. We had the time of our lives with you all guys! Now that we have eaten rice in a banana leaf as a sigu of brother hood and you have taught us how to poo in a traditional toilet, we feel that we are past of your life just the same you are past of ours. Keep on fighting for your program, you are doing things right and it is something very special for western people like us. Never give up your dreams. Best wishes. Alba, Eva Marta and Laura. kisses from Barcelona 🙂
Anne - Germany
Thank you very much for the last three days. I had a wonderful time here and friendly accomodation. walking through the rice field, visiting the floating village and the cacao plantage was so interesting. I really enjoyed spending time with you, your family and friends.I could not imagine to have a better homestay while traveling through Indonesia. I felt comfortable and save all the time. I also enjoyed that I was allowed to visit a school, it was a new experience and interesting for me, because I also want to become a teacher. For the future I wish you all the best!!! I would like to say thank you again and hopefully one day I can come back and visit you again. It was nice to meet you all and I will never forget this time here. 26-08-16
Arianne n Steven Belgium
Great experience! Kus and his family were fantastic. It was our first stop on Indonesian soil. We stayed for 2 nights and it was an eye opener. We took the trip to the floating villages. The 30min ride on the motorbikes was an adventure and the view of all those floating houses was breathtaking. You should check out google maps in the evening to really understand the size of it. In the evening we enjoyed cooking together. The second day, climbing mount manangel, the rice terraces, views, waterfall and local village were astonishing.
Caroline and Estelle France
Dear Kus, we spent five awesome days with you, your family and your friends! Thank you for everything, we will not forget all this great moments, all the laughs, the smiles, the beautiful landscapes, the good food, the sings (with your uncle!, the walks. All these things made the journey in Cianjur awesome! We hope to come back here again. Who knows, see you another time maybe! And wak waww. All the best for everyone in your home!
Pierre et Marion France
Thank you very much for your family, with you, Chepy and Yandi. We passed wonderful times cycling tour and Mount Manangel are two trek very amazing. Thank you too to discover the local food. We hope your project will develop. Finally, thank you for your help for the organitation of our trip. Nice Homestay, hope to come back good luck for the future.
Katharina and Hannes Germany
Dear Bule Homestay Team, Thank you so much for this very nice day. We enjoyed the trip very much, when we went to the Floating Village. We could see the local fish farmers and had funny fish-spa. Later we tried Cacao beans. Thank you also to have dinner at a local Warung, it was very tasty. We will recomend this homestay to other travellers, because Kus and his brother cared about us on the trip. And of course we could learn more about Indonesian Culture. Best wishes for the future! Katharina 09-08-2016
Rebekka and Till Switzerland
Dear Bule Homestay teamThank you so much for this adventure for your friendly accommodation and the many interesting informations. The meals were delicious and every minute we fell us safe and comfortable. It was like we have seen a piece of the real (all not so touristic) Indonesia. We learned so many things , especially Indonesia and Sundanese words and habits. It was so great. For your future we wish you just the best, stay as you are so funny and happy. And if you ever need help or some photos, you have our contacts. we hope we will see you again and we will learning for more things about fruits, traffic and habits. Terima kasih and selamat tinggal! Rebekka and Till 24-7-2016
Blanca Spain
To everybody and each of you, the amazing family members and all the friends from Kus. I will never forget the two days we have passed here with you in Cianjur! I had never had the opportunity to spend such precious time with people in a local village and I feel so lucky to have been able to do so. What a nice laugh! Specially running from the dogs! J NUHUN Guys! Blanca – Spain
Lukas Austria
Dear Homestay Team! Seeing all your activities, it’s kind of sad that I only could spend 2 days with you in Cianjur. I had an awesome time and I’m thankful for the opportunity to experience local life away from main tourist attractions. The food you offered is simple, but still so delicious and amazing as the service and help of the whole team. You also take care of your guests. I wish you all the best with the program and setting up your ideas for expending the things you want to offer. Again Thanks a lot-Nuhun Lukas Austria 14-06-2016
Carme Spain
Guys! What a fantastic time we have had!!! It has been such great fun! It has been our first two days in Indonesia and we could have not been any better! We do not really want to leave but we need to move on and keep exploring this amazing country. Keep being so friendly and cool and never lose your smiles! I wish you are the best and hopefully one day I can come and meet you again!  NUHUN! Carme – Spain 15-05-2016
Sabrina Switzerland
Dear guys! Thank you very much for... The strong cycling tour. Delicious food. Funny Sabouter game include white powder. Tasty coffee and tea. The freezing night up in the mountain. Extrem and steep hiking. Amazing views. Singing lesson. Nice motorbike tour. 1000 of photo sessions with local people. You are so friendly and helpful, we felt very comfortable! We wish you all the best and a successful business! Lovely double SABRINA’S  26-06-2016
Basil and Seline Switzerland
Dear Bulehomestay team Thank you so much for the great two days we have spent with you! Walking the ricefields on the harvest time with uncle Cheppy and Robby was very impressive, fun and interesting. Now we know nearly everything about rice and local food fruits and stuff. We also really enjoyed the floating village with all, its fishes and houses and thank you a lot for the coconuts and the meals were delicious! Thank you for the organization and the good time we had with you! We could not have had a better host team!!! We wish you all the best a very good time and if you ever come to Switzerland to touch snow for the first time be sure to write us Basil 14-7-2016
Livia Germany
To the great Bulehomestay team I sadly just had time to stay one night but the service was excellent. I mainly came to see Gunung Padang and I was able to do a half day trip by bike. The team is great in having a look for your needs and help to reach your next destination. Besides yummy local food and some nice jamming and singing at night a lovely spot to stay and see local live. Thanks a lot - Livia 06-05-2016
Susanne Germany
Lieber Kus Wir mochten uns ganz herzlich bei dir und deinem team fur die gastfreundschaft bedanken dein service ist großartig. Du hast uns geholfen damit wir problemlos von Jakarta nach Cianjur fahren konnten die zugfahrt nach Yogya lässt du dich organisiert das essen war richtig lecker, das obst und besonders tolle fanden wir mal mangostan zu probieren. Diene towen haben uns einen einblick in die wunderschöne natur und du lebensweisen der locals gewahrt. besonders die trekkingtour war sehr aufregend und hat viel spaß gemacht. wenn man aus deutschland kostumt. nach Jakarta fliegt und dann in Cianjur ist weiß man was es bedeutet mal wieder abzuwarten bis der regen vorbei ist. Danke für die tolle zeit und viel erfolg fur Bule homestay Cianjur 04-05-2016
Moritz and Charlotte Germany
Dear Kus! It has been an absolute pleasure to see and experience Cianjur and your culture and lovely people. Thank you for the awesome memories and the out-of-this-world experience, thank you to you and your family for everything! All the best! Big hugs from us, Morite and Charlotte Germany 07-08-15
Marie Germany
Dear-Bule-Homestay-Cianjur-team Thank you so much for the wonderful time in Cianjur. I could not have imagined a better start for my travel through Indonesia. Nuhun for teaching me some sundanese, for introducing me to many delicious foods, sharing some of your culture with me, and explaining about rice and the many tropical plants we saw in the jungle. Especially I want to thank you for our trips, they were all amazing, thank you for being so warm and welcoming and so so helpfull. I will not forget this place and all of you! Sampai jumpa lagi! Marie 17-02-16
Kah Hwee Singapore
Friendly English speaking host-simple room-clean toilet-hot showers-tour service available Longer version: More than just homestay, the host Guik and his crews also offer half-day to 3-day tours. They are a bunch of adventurous people who like to explore new placed around Cianjur and include suitable ones into their tours. As a result, their tour itineraries are quite unique. Guik speaks fluent English while his crews are still trying to catch up, If you like adventure and want to try out how the locals live, Bule Homestay Cianjur is for you. Kah Hwee
Jan Germany
I was on a day trip with Guik as guide through the hills around Cianjur. I absolutely enjoyed not only the nature and great people we met along the journey but also the authenticity of his tour, how he explained everything about how he grew up and why this place is so special for him. I would definitely recommend a tour with him to experience the true javanese life in small villages. Jan
Nik and Natasha Slovenia
We have spent one month in Indonesia and we can easily say that the time we spent with Kus and his family plus the things we did with them were the highlight of our trip! Kus is a wonderfull and passionate guide. He finds places that amaze him and shares them with his guests. We went on a 3 day trek to the south of Cianjur, where we saw breathtaking views, untouched nature and encountered some of the most warmhearted people ever.The room we stayed in was basic and the facilities were clean. Kus looked after us and made sure we try all the local culinary specialties, incl his pancakes! :) If you are looking for an authentic experience of Indonesia, this is probably as good as it gets. 06-06-2015
Ming Chen China
A very warm family, a simple room, very comfortable. The landlord is very warm, can give you a lot of help. China August 2015
Lena and Daniel K Italy
Wir waren 4 Tage bei Guik und seinen Jungs und wurden wirklich freundlich und gastbereit von seinen jungs und onkel "cheppy" aufgenommen. Die Tour auf den Gunung Gede war recht abenteuerlich aber wir sind alle wieder gesund und munter in Cianjur angekommen :)
Leffert and Lieke Netherland
We stayed 3 nights at Bule Homestay Cianjur, and were sorry to have to leave after that period. We had so much fun! They were some of the best days in our 9 weeks indonesia trip. We would definitely recommend Bule Homestay Cianjur to other travellers/backpackers. The food is amazing, the team very friendly and activities varied and a lot of fun.Thanks for everything Bule Homestay Cianjur team! Kind regards, Leffert and Lieke the Netherlands
Ruben Holland
I really recommend Bule Homestay Cianjur, I had a great time with the whole crew. It felt like home with the hospitable family. The cycling tour (the hard one) is amazing, so many wonderful views!When you are in Cianjur, go to Bule Homestay! Kind regards, Ruben from holland!
Letty van Steekelenburg Holland
We enjoyed our wonderful trip to the floating villages. The people are very friendly and warm. Nature is beautiful. Letty van Steekelenburg Holland