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Mount Manangel

Mount Manangel is the mountain that is closest to the town of Cianjur - located about 7 KM from the town. It is 1200 m above sea level. Starting at the edges of the town, you can walk across the flowing paddy fields, through villages to the foot of the mountain until you reach a waterfall that will get you refreshed if you fancy taking a swim at Cibodas’ waterfalls.

Mount Manangel and Geulis are adjacent to each other, a row of the foothills of Mount Gede and Pangrango. Hike for 2,5 hours then you’ll see a lake of Jangari and town of Cianjur with very green expanse of paddy fields, offering some stunning views. If you are lucky, you may even see wild monkeys, but they are still intimidated by our arrival, and will run away fast when people try and get too close! On the top of mountain there is a stone with a footprint which was left there in ancient times.

At the end of hiking, the track will be going down and much easier!!!