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Visiting Cianjur & Bule Homestay Cianjur

Cianjur is also well known as the location for the best rice in Indonesia, called “Pandan Wangi Rice” and for its authentic local food and drink, Maranggi is BBQ beef, Lotek is steamed vegetable, Lontong is sticky rice with coconut milk tofu and crackers on it, Bandrek is traditional drink with ginger, black pepper, brown sugar and coconut.

Cianjur offers an incredible wide variety of attractions and there are countless reasons why one should come to Cianjur and enjoy an unforgettable holiday here. The friendly locals provide visitors with a totally relaxing stay, making Cianjur an easy and safe place for Foreigners to visit. As longs as you respect some basic cultural rules you will not get into trouble and you will be welcomed, with open arms, to roam around beautiful Cianjur and throughout Indonesia.

BULE HOMESTAY CIANJUR has just started as a website because we wanted to show and share our culture and nature with visitors around the world who want to visit us in Indonesia and Cianjur especially.

We are different from the others, Trust us!!

We will offer to you an experience of “off the beaten track” for all our trips, which we believe will truly make a difference in your journey and ensure that you enjoy it thoroughly. Let us help you create unforgettable memories to cherish.