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About Us

I was born in Cianjur in 1982. I was lucky to have been born into a nice family who have taken care of me up till now, since my childhood. I am currently working as a teacher of a primary school and I also work as a guide for travellers, who come to visit Cianjur. So far, I’ve been visiting the remote areas in Cianjur from the North to the South on foot, by bike, by motor bike and sometimes I will spend the night at a local house to experience the local hospitality or sleep in a tent to get close to nature. I love my town, Cianjur and I love being Sundanese, so I want to offer you the opportunity to let me share the natural beauty of this area and the culture of my Sundanese up bringing with you.

In this program I do not work by myself, so I would like to tell you a little about the people who work with me. My friends and I will be your guide when you come to Cianjur, we will do our best to serve you and to share with you our culture and our beautiful nature. Together, we all partake in profit sharing and if needed are given generous financial help to support any problems (sickness or if we need to stay home and help our families) preventing work. This makes us a very equal and solid team. Immerse yourself and enjoy the adventures!