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Cibodas Botanical Garden

Cibodas Botanical Garden is located in the sub-district of Cianjur, Cipanas. It takes only one hour to travel here from Cianjur town.

The Botanical Gardens covers 80 acres and are located at the foot of Mount Gede Pangrango. They have long been known as a very attractive tourist attraction. In fact, there is a nickname for the Garden, "Eden in Asia".

Cibodas supported by a collection of flora and fauna, with a record 5,831 plants of over 1,206 different varieties of plants growing here. It is a breathtaking insight into the true wonders of the diverse and vast variety of flora of Western Indonesia. Some of the key locations that interested visitors, among others, were the Greenhouse, Auracarua Avenue, Cibodas waterfall and thelandscape surrounding the fountain.

In the greenhouse you can see orchids and rare plants are diverse. There are nearly 4,000 examples of the 350 species of cactusplants of 360 species of orchids are stored in this greenhouse.

Cibodas is also the gateway for climbers who want to climb Mount Gede Pangrango, so far visited by no less than 400,000 people.