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Floating Village

This floating village has been around since the 1980s and is commonly known as Cirata or Jangari. Actually the lake is set for a Hydro Electric Power Plant to operate covering Java and Bali. Consisting of 5,081,358 m2 of dry land and 66,031,466 m2 water in the area, it is currently inhabited by many and there are 40,000 Floating Houses within the village.

The main function of the reservoir is as a powerhouse, but there are also a plethora of activities and developments in the region of Cirata, including agricultural irrigation, flood control, water conservation and fisheries.

It is approximately 17 km away to visit the floating village and you will take a boat around the lake village, walk to a cocoa plantation, take a paddle boat and you will also get a special massage - but the masseur is not as you would expect, it is not a human, but instead, many small fish will nibble away at the dry skin on your feet, quite a treat!

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