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This village is located not too far from the centre of Cianjur city, approximately 80 km away. Out of curiosity, it may perhaps cross your mind about what the lives of the local people are like in this region, the economy here, daily routines of the people and the harmony of local customs and culture.

Almost all the communities around are farmers and their lives are not modern (still using a stove with wood to cook their meals). They do not use tractors to plow their fields, but instead still use the traditional methods of a buffalo and a hoe. During the planting or harvest season, you can experience, for yourself, what work is like in rice paddy with them.

The green scenery of rice paddies is the main panorama here, along side breathtaking lakes and water falls - you can even take a soak, in the fresh waters.

The lives of the local people here is simple. The houses are on stilts over the waters of the lake, made with bamboo walls, yet another example of the harmony of life and nature in the area.

If you want a taste of the nature you can even stay at a local house and wake up to views across the vast expanse of paddy fields, right in front of your eyes.

Sundanese is the main language spoken here, while Bahasa Indonesia is often used by young people for communication with outsiders.

Immerse yourself and enjoy the adventures!