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Tea Plantation

Cianjur Tea Plantation is one of the third largest in West Java. Along the journey from Cisarua to Cianjur you will see the Tea Plantations begin from Cisarua Puncak Pass and the landscape surrounding the Mount Gede Pangrango.

Cianjur is consequentially one of the main contributors of tea for export to other countries, with more than 30% production of national tea plantations originating from Cianjur. Currently, tea is a lead commodity in the province of West Java and Cianjur Regency.

So to get to a Tea Plantation in Cianjur, it is approximately 30 minutes drive to the location of these vast plantations (around 10 -15 km away). You can watch the pickers as they work during the day in the plantation, wearing a typical hat,┬ácalled a “Cetok” in Sundanese. You can walk around to the tea plantation to take some pictures and see the incredible carpet of green fields, cascading down the hillside. Green tea or black tea are prepared for you,┬áso that you can sample a cup of tea from that plantation. After that you will see the journey of the process at the factory, how to make green tea or black tea from the beginning to the end.