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Megalithic Site of Mount Padang

The site of Mount Padang is located approximately 35km to the South of Cianjur. The surrounding area provides ¬†extensive views of tea plantations and of the Cikondang’s waterfall . Mount Padang is the largest megalithic site in Southeast Asia with the age being estimated to be older than Borobudur temple in Yogyakarta.

England has Stone Henge, France has Carnac Stone, Laos has Vases Stone, Micronesia has Nan Madol and Indonesia has The Megalithic Site of Mount Padang, which is located in Panggulan Karyamukti Village Campaka, a district of Cianjur Regency.

"PADANG" is derived from a few words, namely:

PA = Places / Palace

Da = Large

Hyang = Grand / Great Ancestors

So the meaning of the word "PADANG" is a Great Palace of the Ancestors. Mount Padang is a prehistoric megalithic site made for worship and in a position that has both Geomantic and Astromantic characteristics.

The site was built during the age of The King of Siliwangi, a Kingdom of Padjadjaran around the 15th century. Discoveries at the site include remains of a cleaver type of weapon and a stone with a tiger footprint on it.

The existence of the site was mentioned in Rapporten van de Oudheidkundige Dienst (ROD, "Report of the Department of Antiquities") in 1914. The Dutch historian N. J. Krom also mentioned it in 1949.